Our Vision

Modern House started with the simple but unique vision of bringing together buyers and sellers of architect-designed residences. We are an ideas-based agency, always innovating in our communications to challenge the high street mass-market approach.

Modernist houses and apartments, especially those from around the mid-20th century, are increasingly rare, and part of our mission is to advocate for their preservation wherever we can. We do this through our commitment to finding buyers who appreciate design and who see themselves as custodians for a residence of architectural merit.



Only Architect-


Every residence we represent is one that inspires us with its design or its state of preservation. It may be a house, an apartment or a creative adaption. It could be by a now-renowned architect or an architect whose star is rising. What they have in common are extraordinary spaces (great and small) perfectly tuned to their climate and setting, and crafted for living life.


Many architectural houses were commissioned by private clients in sought-after areas who understood the long-term value of design excellence. We cover the spectrum from bespoke houses in the suburbs to inner-city abodes, coastal and rural hideaways.



From the interwar and mid-century styles, up to the contemporary and present day, Sydney boasts some of the most important and well-lauded apartment buildings that aficionados of good design and architecture could wish to reside in. Modern House delights in understanding the heritage and architectural value of apartments in these buildings and is proud to represent them for sale.


“People say ‘location, location, location.’ They never say ‘design, design, design.’ Architects do something really magical: they don’t save lives but they enhance them.

Tim Read
Owner of the Burridge-Read Residence designed by David Boyle

A Specialist Approach


Our approach is shaped by ongoing conversations with architects, owners and prospective buyers, as well as our own research. This makes us uniquely placed to reach and communicate with design-literate buyers and sellers.

With each house or apartment listed for sale, we research the house and its architect, then produce a monograph that documents the history and design logic, along with plans, commentary and a bio of the architect.

In the monograph, we pay particular attention to the photography and explanation of the design, so it becomes a valuable, lasting record and signature of the residence.

Hollander House by David Hollander

Modern House: Gissing House by Harry Seidler

Modern House: Rickard House III by Bruce Rickard


Why Buy a Modern House or Apartment?


Two of the most commonly sought attributes in the real estate market are ‘space’ and ‘light’. Australia is blessed with an abundance of both, and from the mid-20th century onwards, our architects have been emphasising light and outdoor connections in a celebrated way. Their buildings are characterised by an easy informality coupled with organic materials, ingenious detailing, generous flowing spaces, deeply connected to the landscape.

An architect-designed house or apartment is every bit as wise an investment as a piece of fine art. It is special because it is a one-of-a-kind crafted object, tailor-made to suit its site and surroundings, and to enhance the life of its occupants.

Architecture and design are not disposable commodities. Contrary to a DIY-obsessed culture, they are not concerned merely with finishes and fixtures and re-sale value. Architecture and design are about the spatial quality of rooms that need not be large to be magnificent, materials that need not be expensive to be beautiful. They are concerned with that most intangible essence of a building – how it makes us feel.


Modern House: Pettit+Sevitt Lowline B by Ken Woolley

Modern House: West Head House by Peter Stutchbury


Looking for a Modern House or Apartment?


Due to the relative scarcity of 20th and 21st century homes of architectural distinction, Modern House will rarely have a large number of properties on offer.

For this reason, we recommend that you register your interest to purchase via the website or call us to discuss in more detail.

Please note, not all our listings are published on the national listing portals, or even our website. Vendors of ‘silent listings’ do not want exposure of their property on the internet. In this case, we will contact relevant parties directly.

9 Stuart Crescent; Blakehurst; Sydney; NSW 2221; Thurlow House b


Modern House Team


Principal and founder Marcus Lloyd-Jones established Modern House in 2012 to bring his life-long passion for architectural gems to a wider audience. Prior to founding Modern House, Marcus enjoyed a successful advertising career in the UK, Singapore and Australia as art director and creative director representing major international brands to niche products.

All the team at Modern House are mid-century and modern design devotees and advocates. We consult widely with architects and real estate professionals, architectural journalists, heritage specialists and media planners. This mix of expertise enriches our unique sales and marketing approach.



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Join Our Team


If you are inspired by the houses we represent and are interested in joining the team, then we would love to hear from you. We are looking for like-minded people to expand our sales team. If you are a design enthusiast with sales experience, get in touch today and say hello.



Supporting Architecture


Beyond the houses we represent, we are involved in the civic design conversations, through key events and our relationships with thought leaders in the preservation of architecture. Modern House is a Supporting Partner of the Sydney Living Museums Home & Architecture program.


Sydney Living Museums

Sydney Living Museums cares for a group of 12 of the most important historic houses, gardens and museums in NSW on behalf of the people of NSW. Their purpose is to enrich and revitalise people’s lives with Sydney’s living history, and to pass on the precious places in their collection to future generations to enjoy.

Modern House is proud to have been a Supporting Partner of the Home & Architecture program since 2014.