Leith Bartlett

Savimaki House

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Savimaki House


Leith Bartlett

Designed and Built


Design Architect

Michael Pender


W J Gordon & Associates


Chris Lowe Constructions


Burri Point Road, Guerilla Bay


3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 1 Car


Kevin Robinson


Phil Maybury, Mogo Nursery

Feature Stonework

Rhyl Hinwood, Tim Hodges


© Tamara Graham



The Savimaki House faces north. At the rear there is a foreshore reserve which runs along the cliff edge with large rock shelves at its base and views out across the Tasman Sea that are enclosed to the south by the extended arm of a distant peninsula.

The house offers a wonderful escape into nature. The thoughtful design and crafted construction support the idea we should seek to live in harmony with our surroundings. The architecture opens its occupants to the sounds and sights of the wild life, and a quiet stillness, a closeness that only architecture designed with sensitivity and skill can elicit.

Arriving visitors are led across the garden via a swerving stone path to a welcoming double-leaf cedar door entry beneath a sheltering porch. A generous circular hand-carved cedar door clasp extends an invitation and gives notice of the craftsmanship beyond it. Its hollowed out form demands to be touched and held, as it announces a house built with skill and loving attention to detail. Already, there is a promise of a warm conviviality and individuality and richness within. While outside, the rough stone exterior is in keeping with the delicate toughness of the exposed sea-shaped surrounds. This is a house of quiet perfection and absorption by its native bushland.

Throughout, both inside and outside, the reality is one of singular craft and pride in the construction that is particularly noticeable in the detailing of the timber joinery and the handsome efficiency of stainless steel kitchen fit-out. ”